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2012 New Year Holiday Notification

To International Sales Department:
According to the government holiday notification and our company policy, here is AUTOSENDA 2012 new year holiday notification:
1  Time Arrangement
Sales department: 17th Jan-1st Feb, total 16 days.
Other department: 12th Jan-29th Jan, total 18 days.
22nd-29th is legal holiday.
2  Requirements
1)  Each department must make the work arrangements advance, inform customers with the holiday arrangement, in case effect customer business.
2)  Sales department must check with production department before accepting order, and must inform customers if goods can not be produced on time.
3)  Sales Department must insure all balance been settled, and goods been shipped before holiday, so as to the document.
4)  During the holiday, each leader, sales, QC, After sales should keep connect available.
5)  Resignation should be transferred to management 2 weeks before the holiday.
Wish Happy New Year Beforehand

                                                                                                                                                                  Autosenda Electronics Co.,Ltd