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5. How to choose Car DVD with Navigation

 How to choose Car DVD with Navigation

   Currently, the rate of Car DVD with navigate is growing fast in automotive electronic products, nearly 40% of new car owners have the requirements to install Car DVD navigation.

    But many problem will come up when installed the DVD: the audio speaker screaming when pressed the accelerator; and poor quality of the sound and image, so when buying car DVD navigation products, you should focus on the following points:
       1, Clang

dvd is used for playing music, so the clang quality is the most important. you should make it clear how many V about the output, or compare the clang with other DVD, if the clang quality almost near to CD clang, the price will not be cheap of course.
  2, Image and CD-row

DVD screen have two kinds display: imitation screen and digital high-definition. the pixel of imitation screen mostly is 240*240 or 480*240, and digital high-definition is 800*480 or more. besides, good quality DVD brings Dual-drive row: dvd-row and cd-row.

  3, GPS veracity and convenience

good dvd factory will fix some better quality navigation software, while some poor navigation will easyly crashed during the working time, or low speed of navigating, and the veracity will unsatisfactory either. Because good DVD navigation use Dual-Core Model, means they have two seperately CPU processing system, so that the two systems are noninterferent, and come to the result of fast, accurate, convenience.